Laval University has increased security on campus after multiple break-ins and sexual assaults on Friday and Saturday.

Police say one person broke into ten rooms in the Alphonse-Marie Parent residence at the University, with that same person sexually assaulting four people.

Officers said initial reports that multiple people were involved were not correct.

The school has now increased security at the student residence.

In addition to the regular hallway patrols, there will now be a security guard placed at the front door 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Security footage from cameras in the building has been delivered to police in order to help identify the suspect.

"Our hearts go out to the victims," vice-rector Eric Bauce said in a statement. "We unreservedly condemn the reported crimes and have been working tirelessly since with the authorities to advance their investigation."

Many students and Laval University staff were shaken by the intrusions and the assaults.

"We want to tell the community and the victims that all our hearts are with them, and we invite them to contact us," said university spokesperson Andrée-Anne Stewart.

"We invite them to contact us and we want them to know that all our resources are there for them so don't hesitate to contact us."

Stewart said that as a young woman and former student she was profoundly disturbed by the incidents.

Laval University is offering psychological help and counselling for students who need it, and Stewart urged women to take advantage of the help.

Police are asking anyone with information about the crimes to come forward.