LAVAL -- Laval residents will soon get a greener commuting option as a fleet of 10 fully electric buses hits the pavement this summer.

It’s the latest step in the city’s plan to replace all of its buses with electric versions by 2035. According to Laval’s transit company (STL), it will only be buying electric vehicles by 2025.

Each bus is supposed to reduce the bus fleet’s energy footprint by up to 80 tonnes of greenhouse gasses per year, while also cutting energy costs in half by ditching conventional fuel.

Repair costs are also expected to drop, according to the STL, due to the absence of a traditional oil engine.

“In addition to reducing greenhouse gas emissions in Laval, the electric bus allows us to save money, whether in fuel or maintenance costs, and to improve customer experience on board,” wrote Laval Deputy Mayor Stéphane Boyer in a Friday news release.

The purchase comes after a $10.5 million investment from the province.

The 10 buses will be dispersed randomly across the transport network. In 2025, the city plans to unveil a new garage “optimized for electric buses.”