MONTREAL -- Shortly after the City of Montreal announced it is freezing property taxes in 2021, Laval has followed suit.

Laval Mayor Marc Demers announced Wednesday that property taxes will be frozen for the residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural sectors in 2021.

“Already, last May, given the unprecedented economic impact of the pandemic on all Laval taxpayers, we expressed our intention to freeze taxes for 2021," he said in a news release.

It was made possible through budget rearrangements, he said.

"Faced with the necessary sacrifices required of us, we wanted to offer this breath of fresh air to Laval taxpayers," Demers said.

Municipal tax payments were already postponed to Sept. 1 in this year in Laval, as they were in Montreal.

Laval's Chamber of Commerce thanked the city for the "measure of solidarity," according to the release. 

Unlike on the Island of Montreal, Laval also has farmers to think of. Mayor Demers said that on top of helping the farmers financially with the tax freeze, he hopes to encourage people to buy local through an annual buy-local challenge.