MONTREAL - Although they’ve still only tackled two thirds of the job, Laval officials are responding to impatient citizens by promising that the snow clearance job will be finished by Monday.

The municipality was hit by up to 50 centimetres of snow in the big recent storm and started by clearing big arteries and then making their way to the smaller avenues in their quest to clear the packed-down flakes.

Some have taken to shoveling on their own. “We have cleaned all this here, on our own," said Elen Lymbertos, of Chomedey, pointing to a sidewalk. “And there's a lot of retired people on this street that cannot do that, so it's been really hard, it's been very difficult.”

A city official notes that the snowstorm was the equivalent of quadruple job.

“Technically what we're doing right now, is we're processing four snowstorms at once. This is why the delay is a little longer than it should be,” said Laval public works representative Stephane Larochelle.

“We're getting into the heartland of the city, where the citizens live. This is where we are right now. This is why the citizens get upset because they think the process is longer. The weekend is going to be amazing for the people. They're going to realize how everything works together,” said Larochelle.