Residents of small streets in Laval are furious and fed up with what they call pathetic snow removal.

Dimitra Provias said she might be willing to be patient with city workers dealing with a record-setting snowfall, except that dealing with snow has been a problem on Gibbon St. for years.

"They're useless! They're 100 per cent completely useless!" said one angry resident.

The day of the storm city crews cleared part of the crescent in Chomedey, Laval, but the space left behind was not large enough to let cars through.

So Provias has taken matters into her own hands, using a plow attachment she bought for her truck years ago to clear part of the street.

"This is the only thing that actually gives us some access to our houses, but there's only so much you can do, there was a lot of snow," Provias said.

Provias has been using the plow attachment since 2008, when she became fed up with the consistent neglect of her street from city workers.

"It's insane that I have to pay $7,000 taxes every year, myself my neighbours, not only that, but I have to plow my own street," declared Provias.

Her neighbours agree, with Bill Koufalis expressing his frustration that signs have been posted multiple times on Gibbon St. saying snow would be cleared -- yet nothing has happened.

"The sign has been up two times, so you expect when the sign goes up they're going to respect it being there. Honour that you're going to clean the snow," said Koufalis.

A spokesperson for the city of Laval said she feels for the residents on this street and anyone else who's still waiting, but pointed out that crescents are always the last to be cleared in Laval.

She also mentioned that the weekend snowfall, of about 10 cm, delayed city-wide snow removal and clearing.

Provias and her neighbours did not believe that statement.

"There's low priority and no priority and I think its more the latter, no priority," said Draga Sfetsios.

Meanwhile garbage is stuck in snowbanks, and residents are worried that snow could eventually prove dangerous.

"We all have kids, and there are elderly people here. If, God forbid, something happens and we need an ambulance, what will happen?" demanded Kiki Couloukis.

Laval says its snow removal operation will be completed on Wednesday.

The residents of Gibbon St. promise they will be lobbying the city for better snow clearing service as soon as they can get to city hall.