MONTREAL -- Some infrastructure in Laval was inadequate to cope with rising floodwaters in 2019, and the city is to blame, some Laval residents argue.

One thousand homeowners affected by the flooding have hired a lawyer who recently filed a request for a class-action lawsuit against the city of Laval.

The lawyer, Jean Denis, said flooding in 2017 damaged two bridges. They were under construction when floodwaters rose over them once more in 2019.

Property values have dropped in the area, even as citizens worry waters could soon rise. Part of the reason, Denis argued, is that the city didn't build the right kind of bridges. They're too low, he said.

Other infrastructure was also inadequate, including a culvert on Comptois St. that made the flooding worse, he said.

Poor planning and design have exposed residents to the effects of other floods, he said.

His claims have yet to be proven in court, and the class-action lawsuit he filed has yet to be approved.

If it goes ahead, affected homeowners will seek $350,000 each in damages.