Liberal MP for the Vimy riding Eva Nassif announced on Facebook she won’t run for re-election in October, but according to the president of her riding association it’s because she was forced out by the party.

Giuseppe Margiotta said the entire executive of her Laval-area riding association was “stunned” by the development.

In her statement posted to social media on Thursday Nassif said her decision not to run was due to “recent events of a personal nature.”

But on Saturday Margiotta blamed the Liberal Party for leaving the riding association in the dark and emails asking why the confirmation of Nassif’s candidacy were delayed went unanswered.

Last week, sources in the Liberal Party told The Canadian Press that Nassif was failing to meet her party’s requirements for candidacy.  An incumbent must have, among other things, knocked on at least 3,500 doors or made 5,000 phone calls, obtained the signatures of 150 Liberals in their riding and added 30 new monthly donors.

Margiotta said Nassif had met those requirements and that the association had raised more money than the party expected.

He added that while he will be willing to work on whichever candidate the party nominates to replace Nassif, he wants answers as to what happened first.