Laval is getting tens of millions of dollars to upgrade its bus fleet.

Quebec, Ottawa, and the STL will be spending $42 million on 26 separate projects.

The most noticeable one will be the purchase of 45 new buses this year, but the main goal of the STL is to work towards building a fully electrified fleet of buses.

"If we're here today it's not only to talk about how innovative the STL really is, how much they take to heart the electrification of tranport, how much they take to heart developing new technologies and the best technologies so that their users have access to a better service but it's also to confirm $[42.3] million in new projects funded jointly by us and by the federal, the provincial and by the STL," said Provincial Transportation Minister Andre Fortin.

The STL currently has one electric bus out of the 300 that make up its fleet.

Since 2014 the STL has been purchasing hybrid buses, and some of the funding announced Friday will go toward studying electric buses.

"These projects will have a concrete impact on lives of people here in Laval and people in the greater Montreal region who use transit in Laval," said Fortin.

The STL is also examining driverless transportation.

Some of funding comes out of the $180 billion infrastructure fund announced by the federal government.