A Laval, Que. family says a crosswalk in front of their house is an accident waiting to happen and that they're afraid for their child's safety.

"It's as if it's not even there," said resident Chris Horrell, who lives near the intersection of Saint-Martin Blvd. W and Dutrisac St. 

Also at that location – a crosswalk, which he says is frequently ignored by motorists who breeze through it, even as pedestrians are trying to cross. Horrell says close calls happen all the time.

Steps away, there's a bus stop where his son and his friends wait to catch transit to school. Beyond that, there’s a daycare centre.

"None of the cars stop or acknowledge that they're there trying to cross to go to the bus stop," said Laval resident Rola Chamoun.

According to the Highway Safety Code, drivers and cyclists must yield to pedestrians who are either in a crosswalk or have signalled their intention to cross.

While CTV News was filming on Sunday, the two crossed the street only to be narrowly missed by a black SUV driving through the intersection.

"That's not right,” said Horrell. “I'm sorry, but it's not a question of ‘if’ someone is going to get hit here ... it’s a question of ‘when.’"

He says he and Chamoun have asked the city to install a stop sign, or pedestrian-controlled lights, but that their requests have fallen on deaf ears.

Laval Mayor Stephane Boyer's office did not return CTV News' request for comment on Sunday.

The neighbourhood already had a tragedy strike back in February, 2020, when a 69-year-old woman was hit and killed by a snow removal truck while crossing at the light just one block over

Horrell and Chamoun hope that by speaking up, another tragedy can be avoided.

"Safety is an issue here," said Horrell.