A crossing guard in Laval has been named one of the three best in Canada.

Monique Tremblay works outside Terry Fox Elementary School, and gives it all she's got.

On Tuesday her work was recognized with a crystal Maple Leaf award and a $500 prize, courtesy of the non-profit group 'Parachute.'

Her school will also pocket $500.

Students and teachers celebrated Tremblay on Tuesday, inviting her into school for a series of congratulations.

"They were extremely ecstastic that they got to acknowledge her for her great work," said Kristina Neil, a teacher at the school.

Tremblay was nominated by students and teachers, who said that Tremblay is extremely generous.

"Out of her own money she buys candy bars for the people that walk home on Friday," said Emily Asfour.

Principal Serge-Edouard Jeanniton said Tremblay knows the name of every child, and wouldn't hesitate to stand between them and danger.

"I think that we underestamite the value of crossing guards here in Quebec or across Canada," he said.

"We take it for granted that this is their job, but it has to be a passion. So when you’re passionate about the kids, when you’re passionate about the safety of the kids and that you have a pure love for them, I think it makes the job much easier for them to do."

Tremblay said she was grateful for the award, and for the artwork given to her by children.

"It's an honour," she said, pointing out she gets her real reward every day.

"The smiles the children give me every day make my day," said Tremblay.

The other Canadian winners are David Innes of St. John’s, Nfld. and Sheryl Hauraney of Port Hope, Ont.