A party was underway at LaSalle Community Comprehensive High School this weekend as students blasted music and danced in the hallways. The only element missing from the party, however, was food.

The students were taking part in a fundraiser called the 30-hour famine.

It’s the fourth time the World Vision event has taken place at the LaSalle school.

“It goes to children in developing countries who do not have the same privileges they do,” said organizer and teacher Janna Kavanagh.

Now a graduate, Brett Gilmore first launched the annual 30-hour famine at the school.

“I was kind of bullied in (Grades 7 and 8) and I was like, ‘Why don't I just better other people's lives and maybe it will help me instead,” he said.

Students had to donate at least $30 to take part. In solidarity with their beneficiaries, the 158 students who participated didn’t eat from 8 o’clock Friday morning until 2 p.m. Saturday, subsisting only on one bowl of rice and as much juice and water as they wanted.

Beds were set up for those who want to crash – but there was also ping pong, movies, video games, sports, painting and a very popular karaoke machine.

The students raised a total of $6,200 for the cause.