MONTREAL -- Warm weather in Montreal and physical distancing are not a great mix but officials in LaSalle are hoping they've found a good approach for the long weekend.

A special brigade of borough workers and organizations such as Heritage Laurentienne are gently reminding people heading to green spaces along the St. Lawrence River to keep six feet apart.

The brigade, unlike police, aren't able to hand out tickets. Instead, they're patrolling the park by bike.

“You're at a beautiful waterfront park. Maybe you have a couple of beers. Of course you're going to forget about those rules,” said LaSalle Assistant General Manager Pierre Dupuis.

LaSalle officials have also closed several bottleneck areas in the borough where narrowness makes it impossible to maintain the required distance. The Parc des Rapides has also been closed due to the narrowness of its paths.

A truck equipped with a 3D camera that can measure distance has also been deployed. The truck originated as a road safety project to calculate the distance between cyclists and cars.