Quebec’s health minister had some good news for the Lachine Hospital Friday – it will be expanded.

Gaetan Barrette was at the institution to inaugurate a new dialysis unit when he made the surprise announcement.

The Hospital was upgraded recently because of its association with the MUHC and the need to offer services excluded from the Glen's new mission. But there have been concerns for years that Lachine Hospital could be closed or downgraded. Barrette put those fears to rest.

I'm very pleased to announce that not only will it not close, it will remain open. There were talks in the past to renovate, build a new part of the facility and that will be the case and I can guarantee you that's an official position on my part - this hospital will be under construction during 2018,” she said.

The new building will cost between $70 million and $80 million, money that's already been put aside. The expansion will mean more elective surgeries, better emergency services and better ambulatory care

The bright, newly renovated hemodialysis unit has 15 dialysis chairs. Barrette said in time, as the population ages, they will add more chairs as necessary.