MONTREAL -- La Ronde celebrated a belated opening day on Saturday, but thrill seekers are in for a very different experience this summer.

The amusement park has implemented a number of new safety measures amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We got the green light on June 25, so essentially we had about four weeks to get ready,” said La Ronde communications manager Karina Thevenin. “It's a lot of work but we managed to get it done and we're ready. We can't wait to have everyone come here.”

Among the changes are the implementation of temperature checks and the installation of metal detectors. The park also requires attendees to wear masks, even while on a ride. As of last week, it is mandatory to wear a mask in Quebec's public indoor spaces.

Thevenin said there are some mask-free zones, such as some picnic tables where guests can stop to eat.

“Obviously, it's a new reality for all of us out there,” said Thevenin. “On the rollercoater, we had to block some seats because we want to make sure that once you come here, you're never seated next to a guest that you don't know.”

For those hoping to make a spontaneous trip to the park, be warned: La Ronde has reduced its capacity and reservations are mandatory.