Next time you go to La Ronde, you may need to prepare to have your finger scanned.

Season's pass holders will pass through the entrance lines quicker, according to the park -- yet the technology has some worried about privacy issues.

Because herding the crowds at the Six Flags-owned amusement park isn't easy at the best of times, it decided to install biometric finger scanners to decrease wait times at the entrance.

“The process is going to take nine seconds. So you scan your card, you put your finger on it for nine seconds, and you're in. That's why we decided to go with the system. It's quicker for season pass holders,” said Jules Hebert, LaRonde’s communications officer.

The machine will scan a handful of points on your finger. The park says the information will only be saved in a local server.

“All the data is secure. We're not selling the data to anybody, we're not giving data to anybody; it's a basic algorithm that only our servers are going to use,” said Hebert.

Technology analyst Carmi Levy said that answer isn't good enough to ensure security.

“You should never believe anyone when they tell you it’s absolutely safe. Nothing is absolutely safe. There's no such thing as 100 per cent security. Just because they're using a so-called algorithm, doesn't mean that this information can't be used to identify an individual,” he said.

La Ronde started using the equipment last weekend, prior to it receiving clearance from Quebec’s privacy commission.

The park is now in the process of getting the paperwork together.

“They have the application form to make a declaration form; they have it in their hands, but we don't have the forms completed at the commission,” said Quebec Privacy Commissioner spokesperson Isabelle St-Pierre.

The commission said it considers it an oversight and will wait before investigating further

Season's pass holders do have a choice however – getting scanned is not mandatory.

That said, the technology used by La Ronde to scan fingerprints is extremely basic, said Eric Talbot, CEO of local biometric security company SIC biometrics.

“There's no security involved into this, and on an image like this where you have 92,000 points and you just extract five, there's no concern to have. Everybody can have fun at La Ronde,” he said.

The amusement park added that they'll only keep your personal information on file if you decide to renew your season's pass next year.

Otherwise, they promise the information will be deleted at the end of the season, removing all traces of the scan.