Grade Six students at two schools in Quebec are running a pilot project this year to make dropping off children a little safer.

Springdale elementary in DDO and Anne-Hebert school in Quebec City are running the project in conjunction with CAA-Quebec.

The idea is simple: instead of parents driving their children to school and dropping them off wherever they can, both schools have designated areas where parents can stop and let their children out.

Students from Grade Six, wearing hi-visibility vests, are standing by to ensure the younger children out of the vehicles and into the school yard.

The goal is to reduce the amount of dangerous and unlawful driving that frequently takes place near schools. According to the SAAQ there are six incidents every day at school zones in Quebec.

"Seventy percent of the kids come to school now with a motorized vehicle, either a car or by bus, so we have to improve safety around the school," said Marco Harrison of CAA-Quebec.

The safety patrol will ensure children only get off on the sidewalk side of the vehicle, and make sure the line of drivers and students moves much more quickly.

"We see a lot of things we don't like around schools, bad behaviours I might say, like parking double-parked, or having the kids drop off on the street side," said Harrison.

The kiss-and-go zone should be marked each day with bollards, cones, or a sign. It will also include adults to direct traffic in and out of the area.

More than 400 schools in Quebec have a student safety patrol.