MONTREAL -- A Montreal teacher is literally going the extra mile to teach their students, making house calls to his kindergarten pupils.

Marc Brunette said when schools were closed in March due to the COVID-19 pandemic “I didn't feel like doing Zoom lessons. I didn't want to put my students in front of a screen.”

Instead, after five weeks of cancelled classes, and worried over the effects the loss of personal interaction could have, he began going door-to-door, doing thirty minute lessons in each student's home.

“The idea was to finish the year on a high note,” he said.

Parent Marie-Michelle Baril-Dionne said Brunette's lessons have been a hit.

“They really love it. They're waiting for that moment during the week,” she said. “Just before he arrives, they all come on the balcony of each house and they should 'Marc is coming!'” They're just really, really happy about it, so it really makes me glad. I feel very lucky.”

There are still rules – there is no sharing of toys and a distance of two metres must be maintained. But parent Isole Legare said the kids have been good at following along.

“It's kids that he plays with in the back alley all the time anyway, so I'm not really worried as a mom that there could be any contagion or anything like that,” she said. “I think it's a great idea and it's way better than just deploying technology or ways that are being used in offices, to teach.”

Brunette said while he knows he can't cover as much material, he's just hoping to prepare his student for first grade.