MONTREAL—After a bizarre attempt to kidnap a three-year-old boy on Wednesday, Chiheb Battikh appeared in court Thursday to face 10 charges stemming from his failed effort to hold the child for ransom.

The incident took place at F.X. Garneau Park in Outremont on Wednesday afternoon as a number of witnesses looked on. The brazen attempt took place when the 51-year-old man tried to grab the toddler and run off with him. However, the boy's father fought the suspect and held him until police arrived.

The suspect was questioned overnight and police confirm he plotted to hold the boy for ransom.

"He was met by our investigators during the night," said Constable Dany Richer. "What shows up at this time was the suspect was targeting this particular family, but the family doesn't know the suspect."

Police also searched the suspect's vehicle and found a number of items that could be used in a possible kidnapping, including a stun gun and pepper spray. The man will be charged with armed assault, possession of a prohibited weapon, wearing a concealed weapon and assault causing bodily harm.

Police would not identify the victim by name, but said the boy’s grandfather is well-known—and wealthy.

Battikh was ordered to undergo a mental evaluation at the Pinel Institute.