MONTREAL -- A 3-year-old from Kahnawake was pronounced dead at the Montreal Children’s Hospital on Wednesday following a tragic accident in the community. 

Kahnawake peacekeepers received a call about an accidental drowning at 3:42 p.m., the details of which they’ve chosen to keep private out of respect for the family. 

"When we arrived on scene, the child was unresponsive," Kyle Zachary, an officer with the Kahnawake peacekeepers told CTV News on Thursday. 

Zachary said that COVID-19 has impacted the way funerals are carried out in the community, but that they are still able to be held. 

"There’s no contact, and you’re in and you’re out, it’s not like traditionally where people would stay and sit," he said. 

"This community has always had a really great reputation for rallying together in times like these,"Zachary said. "I don’t expect that to change, especially now."