Tuesday marked the second day of the murder trial of a teenager accused of killing his high-school girlfriend.

The jury heard a chilling 911 call from Jonathan Mahautiere, placed minutes after he allegedly strangled her in an East-End motel.

Mahautiere went across the street from the motel he was staying at with his girlfriend, Gabrielle Dufresne-Elie, who he had just strangled.

In a surreal exchange with the 911 operator, Mahautiere kept asking if police would manhandle him, because he didn’t consider himself violent or threatening.

He then said he made a big mistake that would cost him life in prison.

The operator wanted to know more, but the young man wasn’t forthcoming.

He was asked ‘did you kill someone,’ but wouldn’t answer. The operator then asked if he needed an ambulance – he then said that a woman needed one, but didn’t tell the operator that it was his girlfriend.

The operator attempted to calm Mahautiere so he could stay on the phone until police and the ambulance arrived at the hotel.

An Urgences Sante supervisor eventually spent a few minutes with Mahautiere, before the police arrived and handcuffed him.

Police officers who were first on the scene, as well as ambulance technicians, took the stand all day.

The jury was told the victim’s family members would take the stand next week, possibly as early as Thursday.