MONTREAL - On any given Sunday at a gym in Montreal's east end, you'll find a group of regular people with regular lives, getting together to juggle.

It may not get a ton of attention, but juggling is a growing sport in Montreal. Really.

"About 40 years I saw an ad in the back of a sailing magazine called juglling for the complete klutz," recalls Don Lewis; now a juggling instructor.

"And I thought hey that looks like something interesting to do when you're not sailing:"

Some four decades later, Lewis now teaches others to juggle.

He says the club welcomes everyone from kids to seniors, buskers and students to working professionals, all with a desire to try something out of the ordinary.

"It seems like such an improbably thing to do," he says. "It's like dance for the hands."

Louise Lavoie, who has juggled for 6 years, compares it to active meditation.

"It's great for memory too," Lavoie said. "I think I learned more about how the brain works then in all the rest of my life before."

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