A controversial judge in Montreal appeared in front of a disciplinary panel Monday, after losing his cool during a trial.

Jean-Paul Braun raised his voice, and threatened a correctional officer with contempt of court if she didn’t immediately arrange for the transport of two prisoners.

The agent couldn’t do it for security reasons, and eventually brought the issue to her superiors, who decided to file a complaint against the judge.

Braun faces a reprimand.

During Monday’s court date, Braun apologized to the woman, through his lawyer, but insisted it was not out of line with what’s acceptable inside of a court room.

If found guilty, the judge can face one of two options: he can be removed from the bench, or face a simple reprimand – but Braun has since retired from the bench.

He will also have to return in front of his peers next month, this time for commenting on the physical appearance of an assault victim during another trial last year.

Braun has since retired from the bench.