MONTREAL -- A Jordanian man who was scheduled to be deported on Monday evening did not show up at Trudeau Airport.

The man, who is identified only as Samer due to fear for his safety if his full name is published, was due at the airport where he was supposed to board a 9 p.m. flight. 

Samer's lawyer said that if his client didn't show up, a warrant would be issued for his arrest. But the lawyer said there are still active cases pertaining to his status and that deportation would be a serious human rights violation. 

Samer had filed appeals to top federal officials over the weekend, but they didn't intervene.

“The Canadian Border Security Agency has an obligation to remove inadmissible individuals as soon as possible. Everyone ordered removed has been given due process," said a spokesperson for Canadian Public Safety Minister Bill Blair in a statement.

Samer has said his family will murder him due to his being bisexual if he is sent back to Jordan.

Under Canadian immigration laws, Samer is not eligible to claim refugee status because of a prior criminal conviction in 2007. While he has applied for temporary residency on humanitarian grounds, his case has not yet been heard.

Samer's criminal record is tied to a 2007 car crash in the United States that claimed the life of a friend of his. Samer was 18 at the time and was imprisoned for two years on charges of vehicular homicide.

On Monday, CTV News learned of other criminal charges Samer faces in the United States.

In 2019, he was convicted on a domestic violence charge in Ohio, but fled the country before his sentencing. There is currently an American warrant out for his arrest. Over the weekend, while addressing media, neither Samer nor his attorney had mentioned fleeing the U.S. but on Monday Samer's attorney said the conviction was on a minor charge and shouldn’t be considered when it comes to his application for asylum in Canada.