MONTREAL -- Two more Quebec regions will soon be classified as red zones and residents are preparing for the more stringent restrictions.

“We don't have any choice, so bring it on. We're ready,” said Steven Bussieres, co-owner of Joliette's Brasseries Artisanale Albion.

While business in Joliette may suffer under the red zone restrictions, which includes the closing of bars and restaurants for non-takeout, Bussieres said he believes the town has learned by watching how Montreal has faired.

“We were watching the map and everything was closing in for Joliette,” said his co-owner, Jason Bussieres.

Among the preparations the two have taken is preparing a new takeout menu and growlers to sell their craft beer. The two acknowledge they've already taken a hit as their dining room capacity shrank from 200 people to 40, and things will get worse economically when that goes down to zero on Thursday.

Quebec public health chief Horacio Arruda said Joliette's coming red zone designation is due to community transmission rates.

“They seem to have local transmission, making them more at-risk of having more and more outbreaks in different fields,” he said.