MONTREAL -- The Federation CJA is reminding Jewish people in Montreal to follow the strict public health measures outlined during the COVID-19 pandemic as Passover approaches and avoid gatherings.

The Montreal Jewish Community organization warns to not go to any social gatherings whatsoever, and not host or attend any prayer gatherings.

“No one should join you at your Seder unless they are living with you,” the CJA warns. “Under no circumstances should anyone be crossing the US border in either direction.”

Passover begins Apr. 8 at sunset and ends the nightfall of Apr. 16 this year.

The CJA reminds that no one should be welcomed in homes including those who are self-isolating or returning to Canada.

Returning Canadians, the organization says, need to strictly adhere to self isolation requirements and anyone who has travelled or been in contact with someone diagnosed must undertake quarantine measures.

The warning comes after the Hasidic Jewish community in the Laurentians asked for assistance Sunday to help enforce quarantine measures.