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It's up to parents to limit kids' screen time, says Legault

Quebec City -

Quebec Premier François Legault is calling on parents to "cooperate" in "limiting" young people's screen time.

In a press scrum at the National Assembly on Tuesday, Legault refused to say whether he would use legislation to reduce young people's exposure to screens, preferring instead to talk about the role of parents.

"The real challenge is what happens at home," he said. "We also need parents' cooperation to ensure that screen time is limited."

The day before, in Montreal, Social Services Minister Lionel Carmant had not ruled out legislating the use of screens for young people and families.

Carmant announced that the government will soon begin considering the second Quebec strategy on the use of screens and young people's health.

"We want a version that's very much adapted to Quebec's reality," he said. "I'm telling you right now, nothing is off the table. If we have to legislate, we'll legislate."

He gave no further details on possible legislation but stressed that "it's all a question of striking a balance between raising public awareness and properly developing young people's digital skills."

On Tuesday, Legault acknowledged that young people's overexposure to screens "is a problem, it's a problem all over the world." He pointed out that his government has already banned the use of cellphones in the classroom, with some exceptions, and banned screens in daycare centres for children under two.

During its first mandate, the Legault government also held a consultation on the use of screens and the health of young people.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published in French on April 9, 2024. Top Stories

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