Montreal police have apologized for issuing an incorrect statement concerning the crash that caused the death of Clement Ouimet.

Police said earlier that a 59-year-old California man had agreed to appear in court and would likely face charges of criminal negligence causing death, but that is not the case.

Police now say that the investigating into Ouimet's death is still ongoing.

The 18-year-old cyclist died on Oct. 4 when the driver of an SUV made an illegal U-turn on Camillien Houde Way and drove into Ouimet's path.

Ouimet's death prompted the city of Montreal to add more signs to the route on Mount Royal, and to extend a concrete median.

So far drivers have been oblivious to the added measures.

On Sunday, during a memorial for Ouimet held at the site of the deadly crash, dozens of drivers were spotted making illegal U-turns, or making illegal left-hand turns as they left the lookout on the mountain.