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Inuk singer-songwriter Elisapie featured on new Canada Post stamp

Elisapie is one of three Indigenous women that are featured on a series of Canada Post stamps. (Canada Post) Elisapie is one of three Indigenous women that are featured on a series of Canada Post stamps. (Canada Post)

Inuk singer-songwriter, activist and filmmaker Elisapie is among the three Indigenous artists on Canada Post's new series of stamps.

She joins Metis artist Christi Belcourt and Anishinaabe water protector Josephine Mandamin in the series of three stamps released on Thursday.

"The talented storyteller, who writes and sings in Inuktitut, English and French, has devoted her life to sharing and raising awareness of Inuit language, traditions and culture through her many artistic endeavours," Canada Post said in a news release.

The stamp features a portrait of the artist in front of a landscape photo of the Nunavik region in Northern Quebec where Elisapie was born and raised.

All three stamps will be released on June 21 and represent the third in Canada Post's Indigenous leaders series.

Elisapie is the first Indigenous person from Quebec featured in the series.

Elisapie (born Elisapie Isaac) was born in 1977 in Salluit, on Quebec's north coast, a more than seven-hour flight from Montreal.

She wrote and directed the award-winning "If Weather Permits" documentary about the Inuit's changing lifestyles in Nunavik, and won Juno (2005 and 2019), Canadian Screen Award (2014), Polaris Music Prize (2019) and Felix (2019 and 2020) prizes.

Mandamin's stamp will be released on June 18 in Thunder Bay, Ontario, and Belcourt's will be released on June 25 in Ottawa. Top Stories

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