MONTREAL -- It's taken 10 years and $3.6 billion, but the CHUM superhospital is finished and readying to completely open.

On Thursday, CTV News was offered a tour of the superhospital's final phase, which will begin seeing patients on Monday. However, the new main entrance won't be fully open until June 21.

The hospital's third phase includes a new ambulatory care centre, which consists of 17 outpatient clinics, including for oncology patients.

“Here we do everything to avoid admitting them in hospital, to provide all care in a safe environment and have everything to avoid being hospitalized,” said CHUM director general and president Fabrice Brunet.

Another clinic offers help for patients suffering from chronic conditions without diagnosis, allowing academics and researchers in the same building access.

“This is not just a place to do consultation or give treatment. This is a place where researchers, educators and clinicians with patients and family can work together to understand disease and find new solutions, new diagnostic tools or treatments,” said Brunet.

Brunet noted that the hospital's bright, open spaces and views of the city help put an emphasis on patient comfort.

“We are innovative but human and everything has been built up and thought to have two things,” he said. “Everything have been thought to provide the patient with feeling or create a feeling of being at home.”

The site also operates as the Universite de Montreal's centre for medical teaching and research and includes a new library and common work space, as well as offices for doctors and researchers. Also included is a new 356-seat amphitheatre that will host both virtual and in-person conferences.

“All professional, whatever they are doing, are at the same place at the CHUM, so they can connect and work together and build innovation,” said Brunet.