The SPCA is investigating after an injured dog was found buried alive in the Monteregie Tuesday.

It has since died of a heart attack.

The dog was discovered in critical condition on Tuesday in Saint-Paul-d'Abbotsford by Claude Brodeur who was walking around his 12 hectares of land.

Brodeur said he could hear a dog crying and whimpering, and while he couldn’t see the dog, followed the cries and spotted a paw sticking out of a shallow mound.

Spotting a nearby police officer on patrol, Brodeur flagged down the SQ officer and the two of them covered the animal.

Brodeur said he patrols his land almost every day, although he did not on Monday because it was raining, so he said the burial must have happened some time between Sunday and Tuesday.

The SPCA initially said the dog was a bull mastiff, but on Wednesday said it was a boxer.

“It appeared that the dog had been hit with a blunt object and possibly they tried to strangle the dog as well,” said Monteregie SPCA director Linda Robertson.

“He was wrapped in what looked like a sheet or a mattress covering,” she said. “If the earth had been right on his head, he probably wouldn’t have survived as long as he did.”


photo: SPCA Monteregie

The animal was rescued and taken by police officers to the Chambly veterinary hospital for treatment.

Volunteers from the SPCA Monteregie said the dog’s heart beat was normal and temperature had begun to rise to a healthier degree.

“He is awake, but not able to stand, so they’re hopeful he is able to pull through,” said Robertson Tuesday night.

On Wednesday they said the dog had recovered enough to eat and drink on its own, although it still could not walk.

The dog was otherwise in good health -- a proper weight -- and was placed in the care of the SPCA.

Later in the day, the veterinarian caring for the animal confirmed to CTV that it had taken a turn for the worse and died. The clinic said he had a seizure followed by a heart attack and vets were not able to save him. They believe the heart attack was brought on by the trauma the dog had undergone.

The dog did not have a microchip implanted, therefore making it difficult to locate the owner.

Robertson, who has witnessed many cases of animal cruelty in her 28 years with the SPCA, said the incident came as a shock.

"You try to get into the mind of a person who would do this and there no answers. Really, what would be the interest to allow a dog to suffer and suffocate under this earth? It's unbearable," she said.

The SQ and SPCA Monteregie are investigating and say the person responsible could face animal cruelty charges.

Anyone with information is urged to call the SPCA Monteregie at 450-460-3075.

photo: SPCA Monteregie

This incident occurred four months after two dogs were discovered tortured and killed in Saint-Valérien-de-Milton, 25 kilometres away from Saint-Paul-d'Abbotsford, both in the Monteregie.

Those dogs were stolen from their owners and beaten to death.

“We’ll find out in the next few days if this is the same pattern,” said Robertson. “Obviously the dog was left to die.”