MONTREAL - The Montreal Impact are joining the big leagues of soccer next season and they're displaying major league levels of generosity en route to the MLS.

The ongoing expansion of Saputo Stadium was to entail the destruction of a massive concrete pipe that, thanks to its great sloped inclines, has become a slice of heaven for local skateboarders.

"It's one of the best skateboarding spots in the world much less Montreal," says Barry Walsh, who led an initiative to preserve the site. "It's so mystical it's hard to even explain to you."

However he knew that moving the 160,000 kilograms of concrete 65 metres over was a delicate task requiring major expense and effort.

And to the delight of the boarders, the Impact agreed to take on the challenge of moving the pipe.

"We thought if it could be saved, well, we'll do whatever we can to save it. And so far so good," says Impact President Joey Saputo.

Although Saputo's sport is soccer, he also embraces the crowd that gathers to appreciate a gnarly rush the rounded cement offers.

"They're kind of security here when they skate here at night. It's a great relationship we've had with them since day one," says Saputo.

After 10 days of preparation and planning, the $63,000 job was undertaken. There was a significant risk that the concrete could crack but the job got done without a hitch in three hours.

"There were trees, underground parking, electrical conduits, so we had to position it properly," says Mario Garipo Brocclini Project Manager. "We thought about lifting rolling it, there were so many ideas."

And Walsh and fellow boarders are thrilled that their beloved spot will live on.

"It's just unbelievable to tell you the truth. And as you can see, all our crews are there. Everybody's just speechless," says Walsh.