The goalkeeper for the Montreal Impact went from blocking shots to cleaning up after losing a bet with the co-owner of the Burgundy Lion.

Soccer player Evan Bush is a long-time Arsenal supporter, and when their age-old rivals Chelsea FC were in the Europa League Final, he challenged restaurateur Paul Desbaillets to a friendly bet.

If Arsenal won, Desbaillets would have to mow Bush's lawn and shine his shoes while wearing an Arsenal Jersey.

If Chelsea FC won, Bush would have to be a busboy at the Burgundy Lion Pub for lunch service, while wearing a Chelsea FC Jersey and picking up dishes in his soccer gloves.

On May 29th, Chelsea FC won four to one, and on Wednesday Bush made good on his bet.

While cleaning tables he also picked up tips, and donated every bit of change to a charity, the GOAL initiatives Foundation, which organizes local sports and wellness programs for underprivileged youth.