The man who founded Beauty's restaurant has died.

Hyman "Hymie" Sckolnick bought the restaurant at the corner of St. Urbain and Mont Royal Ave. in 1942 and gave it a new name: Beauty's

His children and grandchildren eventually took over but Sckolnick kept on working at Beauty's his entire life.

Granddaughter Elena remembered him as a man who "loved people."

"He always wanted to see who was going to come in next, he wanted to welcome them," she said. "He really felt this was his home so when a customer comes in, he felt like it was a guest."

She noted her grandfather's incredible work ethic, which often had him in his restaraunt seven days a week.

CTV's Rob Lurie interviewed him on his 90th birthday in 2011, and even though he was 25 years past retirement age he had no plans to call it quits.

"I used to work ten days a week but I cut down. I only work seven now," said Sckolnick at the time.

Elena said being in Beauty's was a "battery" for Sckolnick, to the point where he would often find himself miserable on vacations. 

"He used to [take vacations] years ago, when my grandmother would force him, but it was always a disaster," she said. "He missed being here so much. They would plan to go for two weeks and after a week, she would send him back."

The Gazette's Bill Brownstein has been going to Beauty's since he was a child, and said he never saw Sckolnick not working.

"As long as I remember he was always at the door. It was the place to go for breakfast well before every breakfast place came into vogue," said Brownstein.

"A real Montreal classic character. He will be much missed."

Sckolnick died at his home on Monday.

His funeral will take place Wednesday at Paperman & Sons.