In a 200-year-old former county courthouse in L’Assomption, something is not quite right.

Down a flight of rickety stairs and in the musty basement, many believe the spirit of a ten-year-old boy lingers.

Carole Villeneuve and her partners in the R.I.P.P. team – a group that researches and investigates paranormal phenomena – are seeking the unexplained.

Hobbyist ghost hunters, the R.I.P.P. team uses flashlights to communicate with the dead, as well as infrared cameras and equipment to detect electromagnetic fields.

“A soul is a soul. We are energy. I am, you are, he is. So, after death where are we going to go? I don't know,” said Villeneuve.

Odd occurrences began about 20 years ago, when an old building across from the courthouse, and near a former cemetery, was torn down.

Staff and owners of the old courthouse said they’re accustomed to strange goings on – whther they’ve heard, seen or felt something.

The R.I.P.P. team has investigated, and on four separate occasions, they made contact with a spirit in the 19th century home.

"This building is haunted because there's more than one entity - at least. I can say between five and seven entities," said Villeneuve.

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