MONTREAL -- For people excited about the start of beach season—at least near the town of Hudson—this week brought some dampening news, as Hudson is planning to ban access to its beach.

People jogging or walking will still be allowed access, under a bylaw that’s expected to pass on Wednesday, but lying in the sun and swimming won’t be allowed.

Hudson has only had 10 cases of COVID-19, and locals are worried that the beach will draw visitors who will bring the coronavirus with them.

“We’ve got to keep this in control. Otherwise we’ll be back in lockdown,” one local woman said Tuesday.

“No more all day at the beach,” said Jamie Nicholls, the mayor of Hudson. “You can come, you can watch the trail, but we don’t want people congregating.”

Police will be patrolling the area and can give out fines ranging from $50 to $250.

Last weekend, 120 beachgoers were spotted in one day, and that was before the weather had gotten hot.

But that’s also why, of course, the news is so unwelcome, especially for people without their own backyards.

One young mother visiting with her children on Tuesday said she’s come to rely on the beach during lockdown, since they don’t have their own outdoor space.

“I think it’d be nice if it stayed open with some restrictions, and I think most people would respect those restrictions,” she said.