MONTREAL -- The arrival of the AstraZeneca vaccine is bringing a sigh of relief to seniors in the Montreal area with mobility issues as they anxiously wait to get their first dose in their homes. 

On Tuesday, Health Minister Christian Dube confirmed the provincial government is setting aside approximately 20,000 doses of the newly approved vaccine to be delivered to people’s homes. Unlike other vaccines, this one can be stored in normal refrigeration temperatures.

Shoshana Medovarszky is hoping her 93-year-old mother can be one of the lucky ones to receive the shot at home. Her mom, a Holocaust survivor, has severe breathing issues and is unable to walk. 

“She's very frail, so for her even to go down the six or seven stairs in front of our duplex is without a doubt impossible,” Medovarszky said. 

Home vaccinations are expected to begin next week. Francine Dupuis, Associate CEO of the CIUSSS for West Central Montreal, said the centre has provided the health ministry the number of people in each region slated for home vaccinations. 

The logistics are still being ironed out, but officials said the priority will be given to residents who are already receiving home care. 

“There are doses that arrived this morning so we are going to be able to accelerate the movement of the AstraZeneca (vaccine). That’s excellent news,” Minister Dube said at a press conference Tuesday. 

Bluma Litvack hopes this means her 98-year-old mother will soon get her first shot. 

“I find that every day that passes, my mother is being exposed,” she said. 

“All her caregivers who range in age from their early 40s to their mid-60s are not allowed to have their vaccine, and they take public transport and they come to my mother.”