A 97-year-old Jewish woman who survived the Holocaust is bringing her story to a whole new audience through the power of social networking.

Anka Voticky is sharing her memoirs on Twitter, 140 characters at a time.

A few years ago, Voticki decided to sit down and document her harrowing experiences under Nazi Germany's reign of terror.

"I started to write, and I put it in detail. Now I have more than 200 pages," she told CTV Montreal reporter Annie DeMelt.

Voticky is not so familiar with Twitter and how it functions, but a non-profit group called the Azrieli Foundation is helping her share her memoirs with the younger generation by tweeting on her behalf.

Her Twitter page is called 'Anka's Story', and it has generated a positive reaction, said Naomi Azrieli, executive director of the Azrieli foundation.

"We felt it was a really creative way to get the story out to a broad audience, and we've had a good response," Azrieli said.

Voticky -- who originally wrote the memoirs for her family -- said she's pleased that her story is being shared with so many other people.

"I am surprised this is happening to me, for sure. I never expected this."