MONTREAL – He’s considered one of the greatest hockey coaches of all time; but now, William Scott Bowman, known as Scotty to his friends, is starting a new chapter of his life.

He, and former Montreal Canadiens goalie Ken Dryden, have just released a book, titled “Scotty: A Hockey Life Like No Other.”

The book was written by Dryden.

“I said, ‘I don’t want to do a book. It’s not going to be any fun. I’ll have to stop my life.’ I guess I was thinking you had to do it in a hurry,” Bowman said.

Dryden eventually got Bowman to come around simply by letting the coach…be a coach.

The book centres on the story of an imaginary hockey playoff series, featuring some of the greatest teams in the National Hockey League (NHL).

“It was an attempt to try to get out the real Scotty, and the real Scotty is a coach,” said Dryden.

“He is somebody who is behind the bench and he’s got these concrete problems in front of him.”

Bowman, long considered a legend of the sport, holds the NHL record for most wins in the history.