The highways between downtown Montreal and 1st Avenue in Lachine will be closed this weekend as major work takes place to tear out old roadways.

The closures begin at midnight Friday Feb. 16 and will last until 5 a.m. on Monday.

Most of the Turcot Interchange will be closed all weekend, including the Pullman loop.

The only connections that will be open are:

  • Highway 20 East to Highway 15 South
  • Decarie Expressway to Highway 15 South
  • Highway 15 North to Decarie Expressway.

Heading east drivers will be forced off Highway 20 at Exit 62 (1st Ave./St. Pierre/Dollard Ave.) while those coming from the Mercier Bridge will not be able to head east either.

Drivers will have to take Montreal Toronto Blvd. and Notre Dame St., which run parallel to Highway 20, until they can access Highway 20 east via Angrignon Blvd.

However the eastbound connection through the Turcot will be closed, so drivers will have no choice but to take Highway 15 south.

For those heading west from the downtown core, they won't be able to take Route 136 or Highway 20.

Westbound drivers will have to take Exit 5 (Champlain Bridge/Robert Bourassa Blvd.) inside the tunnel.

The Angrignon/Pullman entrance to Highway 20 West will also be closed, meaning the first access point will be at Richmond St. or the entrance from the Mercier Bridge/Highway 138.

The first place to access Highway 20 West will be at Richmond Rd.

Crews are tearing down the elevated portions of the former Highway 720 West, and this weekend they will begin ripping out the former Westbound 20 overpass in Montreal West.

No pedestrians, drivers on Glen

One road underneath the highway will also be closed.

Glen Rd. will be off-limits to drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists between St. Jacques St. and St. Catherine St.

A shuttle bus will run every 15 to 20 minutes, detouring along Greene Ave.