With prices jumping to as high as $1.41 per litre on Monday, some Montrealers are concerned that filling up at the pump could continue to be extra pricey through the rest of the summer.

However, Dan McTeague of fuel price tracking website Gas Buddy said that the rules of gravity will eventually kick in.

“Traditionally, we do see prices going up at this time but we also see them dropping, not just because it’s the tart of the summer holiday here in Canada and driving season that goes with it (here and in) the United States but refiners are now starting to come back online,” he said.

McTeague predicted prices will continue to go up and down in the coming months, with trade tensions between the U.S. and China not helping.

“Those trade tensions really mean for a lot of investors that future demand just won’t be there, so they’re very nervous about driving oil prices up as they did last year,” he said, adding that geopolitical tensions in the Persian Gulf could also impact markets.

While Quebecers feeling the crunch, some headed across the border to Ontario to fill up where gas was selling for $1.22 a litre. But while the prices are relatively lower than Quebec in other parts of Canada, a recent Nanos survey showed two thirds of Canadians are concerned about the price of fuel while another poll showed a third of Canadians find high gas prices make it more difficult to afford necessities.

Roland Arguin, a Quebecer who went to Ontario to fill up on Monday, said he gets around both issues by gassing up and picking up groceries in the neighbouring province.

“It’s better for everything we need,” he said. “Milk here is $4.00 but in Montreal it’s $6.00 or $7.00.”