MONTREAL -- Montreal’s transit agency (the STM) has begun distributing 235,000 free, reusable face masks amid the COVID-19 pandemic this week as health officials continue to strongly recommend for Montrealers to wear them when they’re out and about. 

Specifically, the Quebec government has asked – but hasn’t made it mandatory – for Quebecers to wear face coverings on public transit and in stores, as the province moves towards gradual deconfinement. 

Some stores have made the decision to only let in customers who wear masks.

Here’s a detailed map the STM drew up for people who would like to get a free mask on their commute.


Premier François Legault has asked people who are in a position to purchase their own masks to do so, to make sure those who don’t have the means benefit from the free option. He’s also encouraging folks who plan to buy their own to support Quebec merchants.

The STM is asking people who opt for single-use masks to dispose of them properly in the network’s many garbage cans.

Below is a tutorial on how to make your own mask: