MONTREAL -- Quebec is getting ready to reopen, and the rules around what is and isn't allowed are about to change.

Here's a timeline of dates the Quebec government plans to reopen various sectors.


May 28, preliminary phase:

  • Curfew lifted for the entire province
  • Restaurants can reopen their terrasses; in red and orange zones, each table must have people from a single home, or two adults from different addresses if their minor-age children are there
  • People can have a gathering of up to eight people from two homes in their backyards, with two-metre distancing
  • In theatres and stadiums, crowds of 250 people per section (up to 2,500 total) will be allowed
  • Travel between regions will be allowed

Starting May 31, Phase One:

  • The “vast majority” of the province will go into orange zone
  • Secondary 3, 4, and 5 students will go to school full-time
  • Restaurant dining rooms will reopen; unclear what restrictions will apply
  • Gyms will reopen

Starting June 11-14, Phase Two:

  • Most regions will go into yellow zone “at the very latest” by June 14
  • Bars will reopen, with their terrasses open earlier, on June 11
  • People from two different residences may visit in a private home
  • All team sports, including contact sports, will start again

Starting June 25-28, Phase Three:

  • Most regions go into green zone
  • Ten people living in a maximum of three homes will be able to gather in a private home
  • Day camps and sleepaway camps will reopen
  • All indoor team sports will start