MONTREAL -- For more than 10 years, 101-year-old Willie Glaser has been speaking to students at the Hebrew Foundation School in Montreal's Dollard-des-Ormeaux suburb, passing on life experiences and important lessons.

On Wednesday, the school unveiled its "Willie Glaser Wall of Honour," equipped with QR codes that connect people to videos of Glaser talking about his life.

Glaser was born in Germany, but fled just before the Second World War broke out. He fought for Poland during the war and eventually came to Canada.

He lost much of his family, who were killed in concentration and extermination camps.

“I really loved my parents and my sisters and brothers. I’m still mourning for them,” Glaser said. “I remember them every year on special occasions. It’s a fact that will always be with me.”

“The medals on his jacket are what draws the students' attention,” said Hebrew Foundation School teacher Stuart Cohen. “The Medal of Valour that he earned in a tank battle that he was organizing.”

For students, Glaser’s presence puts a face to Remembrance Day.

“Rather than it just being a moment of silence, it allows our children to really understand what actually took place,” said Glen Eisenberg, the school's director general. “He’s a hundred and one young. Truth be told, he’s still extremely sharp and he tells incredible stories.”