According to a new motion put forward by Montreal city councillor Craig Sauve, you may as well change the name of the city to Metaltreal.

In the motion, Sauve calls for Montreal to honour the city’s heavy metal music scene given the city is “a cultural metropolis with a political culture whose goal is to consolidate its cultural leadership… (and) metal music has existed in Quebec for 36 years, with Montreal playing an important role in that development.”

Sauve noted that Montreal plays an important role in the global heavy metal music scene, attracting bands from around the world and producing its own acclaimed acts.

He also mentioned the major role in tourism played by heavy metal festivals, such as the annual Heavy Montreal. This year’s edition of the festival will include performances by thrash metal icons Slayer, as well as Ghost, Anthrax, Godsmack and Guns N’Roses guitarist Slash.

The motion will be voted on by city council on Monday.