Government officials are blaming a translation error for a published message referring to anglos as "special needs" Quebecers.

The description was written on a Ministry of Health and Social Services website offering details about the 8-1-1 phone service

The page contained text explaining that service in English is available for anglophones under the heading "people with special needs."

The error was spotted by a CTV Montreal viewer.

Once brought to its attention, the Ministry of Health quickly apologized and amended the text, adding a new section that reads" "English Services: Anglophones can receive service in English."

The ministry's statement read: "The MSSS wishes to apologize to the people that this description might have hurt and wishes to thank you for bringing this error to our attention. This phrasing does not reflect the vision of the MSSS towards English speakers. This is a mistake in the translation of the message. 'People with special needs' in French does not have the same connotation as 'people with special needs' in English."