The Conservatives and Liberals are neck-and-neck in the latest poll, according to Sebastien Dallaire of the Leger polling firm, who shared the numbers on a visit to CTV Montreal Monday.

According to Dallaire, his company has polled Liberal support at 35 percent, one point ahead of the fast-rising Conservatives who now have 34 percent. The NDP is lagging well behind with 20 percent.

The virtual tie between the Harper Conservatives and the Liberals is the first time that the two rivals have been tied since Justin Trudeau became leader.

In Quebec, the New Democratic Party leads with 30 percent, while the Liberals are not far behind with 28 percent support and the Conservatives have 22 percent. The Bloc Quebecois is well behind with 15 percent support. Thomas Mulcair is seen as the strongest leader by Quebecers, according to the survey. 

In Ontario it's a two-way race between Liberals,with 40 percent and the Conservatives with 38 percent. The NDP has 20 percent support.

In British Columbia the Liberals lead with 32 percent versus 29 percent for the Conservatives and 20 percent for the NDP. The Green Party has 16 percent support in B.C.