MONTREAL - Zac Hanson was just 12-years-old when he famously harmonized along with the question, "When you get old and start losing your hair, can you tell me who will still care?"

Well apparently people still care about the band Hanson, who scored a number one hit with MMMBop in 27 countries in 1997.

For those who remember the brothers as children, they've grown and all become fathers; singer Taylor even has four kids.

But they're still as dedicated to music as they were in their teens.

The band returned to visit CTV Montreal Thursday for their first time in 15 years to promote their new-old-fashioned Shout It Out CD and stressed that although they've matured, people still care.

In fact, while shooting a recent video, an army of volunteer dancers showed up to help out.

"We had 80 pro dancers, we put out an APB to the fans, saying ‘we're doing a video, bring your dancing shoes,' and we had about 500 fans show up and do the dance moves," said drummer Zac, the youngest of the brood.

His older brother Isaac is still keen on keeping the pop flame burning.

"I am passionate about this, I love this and to be able to continue on with that passion and have people who will come 15 years later to a concert," said Isaac.

Taylor said that one can be both a normal dad and a famous pop icon. But his kids still seem impressed by his work.

"They think our jobs are pretty cool, it's normal to them, they're unfazed by it, they're like, ‘let's get on the tour bus,'" said Taylor Hanson. 

The band has also raised funds for charity, notably with Take the Walk, which organizes walk-a-thons to fights HIV-AIDS in Africa.