Smokers looking to light up in Hampstead could find their options far more limited in the future.

City council has tabled a bill that would ban smoking on all streets, sidewalks and public parks, citing a concern over the danger of second-hand smoke.

Residents and visitors would still be able to smoke on their property or in their homes or cars if there are no children inside.

Those caught with a cigarette in prohibited areas could face fines of up to $300 for a first offense and $600 for repeat offenses.

The law does not apply to electronic cigarettes but will apply to marijuana once it’s legalized.

Town Mayor William Steinberg said the bylaw was “a matter of setting examples.”

“We don’t want our young kids to see people walking around smoking joints, smoking cigarettes, it’s a bad example. Right now, adults are giving up smoking but young kids are still taking it up. Anything that will discourage them and set a good example I think is a good thing and will be even more true once pot is legalized.”

The bylaw will be voted on at the next city council meeting.