MONTREAL -- While hair salons will have to wait two more weeks to reopen, many salon owners are busy making the big changes needed to keep customers safe.

Staff at Revolution Hair Studio in Beaconsfield is working non-stop to get their shop ready.

“When they announced that the salons were opening again on June 15th, our phones started ringing off the hook,” said owner Tamara Rifai. “People are so excited.”

Rifai added that many of her clients are nervous, so she’s pulling out all the stops to put their minds at ease.

“Clients usually come in and they like to relax when they come to the salon,” she said. “They like to pamper themselves and have a nice experience, (and we) don’t want anybody feeling skeptical or paranoid, so we made sure to do everything we can to make people safe.”

Arrows are on the floor to control customers’ movements, automatic hand washing stations are in place, and dividers are installed between the sinks.

Plumber Olivier Ishii-Landry has been working non-stop since the pandemic began retrofitting businesses as they get ready to reopen.

“Everything is set up so that it’s a very easy and safe environment for everybody,” he said.

The new system will take some getting used to, and everyone will have to wear masks when inside. Hair dressers will also have to wear visors and gowns.

“It’s going to be hard not to hug each other and get close and silly with each other, but the clients feel it,” said Rifai. “Everybody that comes to the shop is like family to us.”