MONTREAL -- He captivated a generation with his speed and skill. He brought Habs fans to the promised land not once, but five times. Now, Guy Lafleur is asking Montrealers for their support once again.

On Friday, Lafleur announced his fundraising campaign for cancer research with the CHUM hospital in Montreal, where he’s battling with his own diagnosis.

Last year, Lafleur learned his lung cancer had returned, and he’s now undergoing treatment.

“We’re all hoping that they’ll find a cure,” Lafleur told CTV News. “Not only for [me], but everyone who has cancer.”

But just like winning the Stanley Cup, he says he’s fighting for more than just his own health.

“As a hockey player, my goal was to perform every night 100 per cent and give the best show ever in every game that I played,” he said.

“Winning the Stanley Cup … you win it for the people. Winning against cancer is like winning for the people.”

In collaboration with with Chum Foundation, the Face Off Against Cancer With Guy Lafleur campaign officially rolls out on Saturday.

He’s calling on the public to donate weekly to the campaign for cancer research. In return, donors will have the opportunity to speak with hockey personalities online.

There's no doubt that together we're stronger,” said Julie Chaurette, president and CEO of the CHUM foundation. “Donor support is a driving force behind cancer research.”

"Being a patient at the CHUM allows me to see how the quality of care … [makes] all the difference,” said Lafleur. “We're in good hands.”